I saw many people are complaining about lack of jobs or earning opportunities but as per my experience, there are endless opportunities of earning in this world. People couldn’t see opportunities because of 2 reasons

1. They don’t have enough knowledge of earning.
2. They are not committed and responsible.

Point 2 is personal choice of any person but for Point 1, This blog is aiming to provide knowledge of every type of work to people having skills, experience and passion in any field and will go in detail in following 2 directions.

a. Enough knowledge of every field and road-map of starting and boosting businesses in many fields.
b. More importantly, blog will expose and provide tools to master business development skills in any field

Purpose of Blog:

Quick Earning IdeasNo body will remain unemployed if he is committed and responsible to do any work even if he hasn’t enough money. Person should be expert in any of online/offline services or in any domain and can start Service based business. I will also give suggestions to learn any services in minimum time to start business even person don’t know any services skills.


Business Model:

If I will explain secret of BUSINESS MODEL in one line, It will be

QEI ThemeENJOY IN YOUR PROFESSION and HELP PEOPLE in SMART WAYS for their problems and get INTERNAL SATISFACTION and make yourself best in doing so. MONEY will start coming automatically as People are always paying for solution of their Problems, Needs and Desires. Model is showing in figure too.

Next 3 Posts:

1. Business Model explained that how people at different professional level will enter in this model.
2. Fundamentals of Initial Analysis to Solve People problems/Start Business in any field
3. Fundamentals of Choosing Methods to approach Customer for their solutions in any field

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