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Problem Identified and Actual Opportunities:

In last couple of years, I interviewed many computer science professionals, engineers and MBA professionals but I dis-appointed to see that 16 to 18 years of education are not beneficial for most of people. This is case for highly reputed professional degree holders.Many are getting education for survival(earning) and may be few are getting education for understand humanity or getting peace of life in every aspect. But after seeing unemployment and stressful life, nothing achieved after 16 to 18 years education in most of cases.

On the other hand, there are lot of opportunities in online work even much more than resources available for next many years. Mostly professionals are aware of job, few are doing some level of freelancing but very few are going towards direct clients all over the world. My aim in this blog is to expose skills in such a way that make people financial independent. ‘Independent’ not means that they have job or work but they have potential to earn at any time even they don’t have their current job and work and its very easy.

Author Introduction:

Now let me INTRODUCE MYSELF and tell secret of my business model and huge claims I made by using it. I am Software Architect and Business Development Expert by profession and one of top person that is earning online via several ways. My services are Web Development,Business Development, Online Business, Marketing and Sales.,For example, in Web Development, you can see my Expertise, Experience, Clients feedback, certifications by clicking Here

And more than anything else, I am in state of happiness in my professional life and always trying to keep that state, which is dream of even billionaires, which is eliminating stress and many of problems which is forcing me to focus on my work and my life in more better way.

From Education to Job, Job to Freelancing and Freelancing to Business Development with Independence and Happiness. I go through all phases but it took more than 12 years for me, which can be achieved in maximum 2 to 3 years if I had proper guidance. To save that time of many people I have decided to assist by what ever means I know.

Author Request:

Achieving this is not difficult or complex at all and I want to share this Model until every person in world will be
1. Happy, INDEPENDENT and have capability to earn as much as money.
2. CONTRIBUTE their happiness and success with others to complete STEP 1 for every person.

Why I or others will spend time for Step 2 out of their busy life, May be some people couldn’t understand at this stage but this is only source of Endless Happiness and this is core of this model too to get financial independent life.

If any of you will get any benefit from this blog, I am requesting to share this Model and make every effort to make people capable for earning money as it is much more important than help any person financially.

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